1. Small Budget Film of the Week With Video : The Interrupters

    The Interrupters as a film that follows the lives of former gang members and troublemakers, who have taken a full-time job of stopping crime on Chicago streets before it happens. Coming from acclaimed director Steven James and writer Alex Kotlowitz the story takes place when murders and crime were sky high in inner-city Chicago.

    The Film’s main subjects in “The Interrupters” are apart of an organization known as “cease fire”which believes that the spread of violence mimics the spread of infectious diseases (About The Film, Interrupters). The film will follow 3 close subjects Ameena, Cobe,and Eddie is they strive to prevent crime while also moving on their own path of hope and redemption.

    For more information of this film as well as actors and interest of production click the picture below.


    The film attempts to make sense of what CeaseFire’s Tio Hardiman calls, simply, “the madness”.

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