1. Universal Discusses Sequel for “The Best Man”…

    tay diggs moris chestIn the Black community the film The Best Man is a classic film that his jumped decades and still remained popular in may households. With its cast filled with prominent actors and a great story-line that can send you through an emotional roller-coaster with each viewing. The 1999 Film grossed 35 million with box office and VHS sales and became one of the more memorable black dominated wedding films in past history.

    Now, Universal Studios have flirted with the idea of creating a sequel to the original film. Universal has set Malcolm D Lee, to write , produce and direct the new Sequel in-titled “Best Man 2” and would like to employ the original cast to play the characters.

    tay diggs_nia Long

    TAY DIGGS & NIA LONG (Movie Still from The Best Man, 1999)

    A quick Synopsis of the film: The film follows Tay Diggs who plays a writer who has a brand new book out that is receiving critical acclaim, but a novel that also holds a lot of skeletons. Diggs fly’s to New York for his best friends wedding ceremony. Here he hides and dodges questions from Terrance Howard, and tries to sneak past Nia Long’s sexual aura that keeps the tension high. This, all while having a fiance back home in Chicago who is waiting on his return. The film came out when I was just 9 years old, but it seems like it on once a year, so If you haven’t had a chance to view it, I wold recommend this as the sequel will probably be just as shocking as the first

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