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1940s Los Angeles

Miracle Mile



    1940s Los Angeles

    Miracle Mile

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  2. Straight To DVD Highlight of April


    First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supports this website and continues to give it daily traffic for new updates and stories. I am working very hard to research the latest happenings in the Entertainment Industry, as far as filmmaking and television developments unfold. However, sometimes its hard to find good quality black films and I always wonder why that is!

    A lot of romantic comedies like my highlight for today, seem to make its way on to exhibition mode (DVD) rather than the big screen. Unfortunately, in a business which is all about money with a capital M its extremely difficult to get films into distribution. Films that make it to the theater have already accumulated even more debt than the entire production itself, and marketing is just as big of a deal as the Filmmaking process is these days!

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    Dysfunctional Friends2012FilmIndependentDVD

  3. Michael K Williams Set to Play ODB in film “Dirty White Boy”!

    Here is the latest news hot of the Hip Hop and Film world! Michael K Williams star of HBO’s top rated original series “The Wire” has been casted to play Ol’ Dirty Bastard (ODB) in Biopic entitled “Dirty White Boy”

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    Dirty White BoyJoaquin Baca-AsayMichael K WilliamsOl Dirty BastardFilm

  4. First Teaser Poster Released for Django Unchained 2012.

    Film Title: Django Unchained 

    Director: Quentin Tarantino

    Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment

    Producer(s) : Harvey, and Bob Weinstein, Michael Shamberg.. (Cont)

    Samuel Jackson discusses his new film with Director Quentin Tarantino. Jackson play’s Stephen, the trusted house slave of Calvin Candie played by Leonardo DiCaprio. He pairs up with an A-List roster on this epic portrayal of deep-seated hatred and the destruction that Slavery caused in the 1800’s South.

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    Django Unchained2012Quentin TarantinoFIlmAction

  5. Happy Hump Day followers and first time viewers of BlackFilmStock. I have my first submission of 2012 since my relaunch of the site yesterday, it comes from a east coast filmmaker whose drive for creative film has landed him the spotlight for today’s submission!

    film stock

    Above is the trailer for the film Perfect" 2012, a short film about a young man in love who gains the courage to confess his love. However, he finds out the expectations are less than what he expected and must face the reality of rejection. Check out his YouTube page for more films to come, and support your local filmmakers and talents!

    film2012PerfectIndieShort Film

  6. Australian Aboriginal Culture makes it Way on Film!

    Bran Nu Dae

    Bran Nu Dae is a 2010 Australian Film that has made its way into the FilmFoward segment of Sundance this year. The movie is a music-driven romantic comedy staring Academy award winner Geoffrey Rush.

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    sundanceBran Nu Dae2012FilmIndie


    In Today’s edition of “In Case You Haven’t Heard” a new topic that will be administered every Tuesday, here is the Interview with Ice Cube explaining a possible bio-pic about N.W.A (Niggaz With Attitude) in the coming works. Cube says the script is almost complete and now they are looking for the perfect director. John Singleton is among the highest choices at the moment, but Cube still insist that they are still haven’t selected anyone as of yet.

    The Script is about 75 percent done, I’m waiting to hire a Director and bring it on home.

  8. Here is the trailer for “Restless City" a 2012 film about an African Immigrant who travels to NYC to live out his dream as a musician. Directed by Andrew Dosunmu, the film is being highlighted through AFFRM, a film festival that displays black films in the United States. Its founder Ava DuVernay was the first African American women to win the US Directing Award win with her film "Middle of Nowhere”. This is the  third theatrical release through AFFRM that has made it into the Sundance Film Festival. Ava DuVernay’s  first film entitled “I Will Follow" received critical acclaim. Her website AFFRM, helps acknowledge black indie films, and gives innovative filmmakers of color a chance to showcase their work and gain exposure.

    Website Link: Click Banner Below

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    Restless CityTrailerAFFRMIndieFilm

  9. New Launch of Black. Film. Stock. This Week!


    Good Afternoon to all the viewers and people that have supporting my blog through Tumblr in the past. I am now just finishing up an 18 credit semester at Arizona State University in Filmmaking Practices, and I am just starting to get back my free time. I have missed blogging on the films and television that shape the world around us. I have decided to re-launch BlackFilmStock this month, In order to reassure the growth and dedication that black film has taken on in the past 6 months. New stories will include, the latest in Black Hollywood, the latest in Independent multicultural film and new and exciting blockbusters that are soon to hit a theater near you!

    I appreciate the support and the recognition from many of you over the past few months, and I will strive to bring you the latest news from the film industry and share with you those who are making in difference to have their voice heard in such a competitive and difficult filed to work in.

    If you would like to submit a project, short video, or article expressing yourself or someone related to media production, please contact me and I will dedicate a post to you If I feel it is something that can change another artists strategy and motivate others in the business.

    Thank You Again,


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  10. Studying Film is what I do.. Keeping you updated on Whats Hot in Black Hollywood and Whats In Store for the Future for your favorite Stars and Entertainers.
    We all gotta have a Dream....